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Brahams Equipment Limited has been established for over 40 years as one of Kingston's leading Heavy Equipment & Haulage Contractors. We are owned and operated by 3 brothers that have over 100 years experience combined in Heavy Equipment rental and Haulage.


We supply the following equipment with operators, fuel and lubricants:

  • Front End Loaders (2 ton to 8 ton class)

  • Backhoes (14 foot to 19 foot digging depth)

  • Excavators (20 ton and 25 ton class)

  • Hydraulic Hammer / Rock Breaker mounted on Backhoes & Excavators

  • Dump Trucks (17 ton to 25 ton)


We also supply and deliver the following Aggregates:

  • Sand (Washed, All Purpose or Granite)

  • 3/4” crushed stone / Gravel (Black or White)

  • 3/8” crushed stone / Grit (Black or White)

  • Marl

  • Top Soil

  • Pit Stones / Rubble Stone

  • River Stones

  • River Shingle / River Shale

  • Dump / Fill


Our fleet consists of over 30 machines and is serviced and maintained by our mobile service team of experienced mechanics. Our stockyard for aggregates is approximately 1 acre in size.


Some of the projects we have worked on over the years include:


  • Construction of the Chinese Embassy

  • Construction of Crowne Plaza (now owned by the American Embassy)

  •  Washington Boulevard improvement project

  • Various Townhouses, Apartments & Homes

  • Construction of Highway 2000

  • Cypress Hall Sub Division

​We have been also contracted to do:

  • Loading, Mining & Blending activities on Caribbean Cement Company plant 

  • Heavy equipment for The National Water Commission

  • Off loading and loading of various Marine Vessels

  • Various aggregate processing plant activities













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